What can Career Coaching do for you?

“My boss and I don’t click”

You're having trouble "managing up". You and your boss are rarely on…
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“What am I doing with my life?”

Whether you're just starting to think about your career or you are…
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“Why won’t they promote me?”

Are you frustrated that you can't seem to move ahead? Stuck in…
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“Why isn’t my team more engaged?”

Having trouble motivating your team? Or worse, do you feel that they…
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“How do I respond?”

The inability to communicate professionally can destroy your career. Effective, efficient and…

“Ugh! I have to present!”

Terrified to present to the group? How about to the whole company? Does…
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“After working with Andreea I felt like I have grown a tremendous amount and learned a lot about how I should manage in the future.” Read more


I felt lost with my career, just going with the flow. After taking this class, I have direction and vision. I feel motivated to succeed!


“The results where amazing! Andreea is a visionary, able to see/hear beyond the noise or personal nuance to unearth hidden strengths and be able to see the potential in someone.Read more 


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How do I know what skills I need to get promoted?

Question: How do I know what skills I need to get promoted? Sent in by George, Stamford, CT Submit your own questions—-> Answer:  When it comes to getting promoted there are a number of factors that can be standing in your […]

QA: How to end a Vendor Relationship?

Question: My vendor isn’t performing, how do I get out of this in a professional manner? Sent in by Courtney, Tulsa, OK Submit your own questions—-> Answer:    When a vendor is not performing to your expectations, it can lead […]

Why do I need a Career Coach?

A Career Coach can be incredibly helpful to give you perspective, help you identify areas for improvement, to help you map out a path forward and to hold you accountable. Here are some common scenarios where a career coach is […]

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