Professional Etiquette, Corporate Coaching and Career Training

Whether you’re struggling with moving up in your career, communicating effectively at work or with clients/vendors or you feel like you’re missing “something” that the successful people around you know, you’ve come to the right place. 

Career GM offers:

  • Home-study courses & guides – to fill you in on all the professional skills that schools don’t teach
  • One-on-one coaching – to ensure that you reach your goals and get targeted help based on your needs
  • Corporate Immersive program – on-site conflict resolution, change management, communication workshops and career planning
  • Seminars & Speaking – get the benefits of coaching coupled with support from your colleagues

School barely scratched the surface of what you need to know to thrive as a professional

In school you learn the techniques, the technical aspects of your chosen field. For the most part, schools want to make sure you leave with a strong understanding of the tactical responsibilities of the job you’re about to do. It helps their reputation if you leave the school and build a reputation as a competent provider of a service or task. But schools seem to forget to cover the most important of your personal fulfillment in your career – the ability to communicate effectively, build critical relationships and collaborate.


Career coaching is just as important for the individual as it is for the company as a whole

Succeeding as a professional is critical for your happiness, health and well-being. But did you know it’s also critical for your company’s success. A stagnant workforce drags down a company and creates a dangerous bubble of false security. As a company you want your employees to continue to grow and excel. As they grow and learn, they bring those well-honed skills back to the organization. Your business runs better as a well-oiled machine with engaged and professional employees invested in your success.

Success is within reach

A little about me. In my career, I have successfully redefined myself multiple times. I started as an independent contractor in the TV industry (quickly establishing myself with well-known brands like A&E, Martha Stewart, History Channel and WWE). Next, I pivoted into Web Marketing and Development effectively working my way to Global Director of Digital Strategy (doubling my salary in less than a year). Time to try something new! Although I had been an consultant periodically, it felt time to try a more industrious form of entrepreneurship by starting a retail store. Throughout my career I have always worked as a coach and mentor, which gives me unique access to pull from my professional experiences as well as from those of my clients. I excel at helping people find their ideal career path, working away hazardous societal pressures and mental blocks to give you the happy life you deserve. I’ve had the privilege of experiencing the extremes of being deep in debt and living comfortably. I can understand your particular frustrations, struggles and needs. I will work with you, as I have worked with many others, to make you the strategic and successful person you want to be. 

My techniques and philosophies will help you navigate and excel in this new world. This isn’t the same economy of the past, and no matter who is leading this country, the economy will never be structured the way it used to be. The needs of business are changing on a daily basis and companies are feeling significantly more pressure to outperform; meaning that while in the past it was very typical for one person to work one job for the entirety of their life, nowadays you should assume that you’ll only be working one job for an average of 3-5 years. And you’re likely to be living longer than any generation before you in an economy that doesn’t always value age and experience – sometimes they need to be reminded why what you have to offer is so valuable.

I train you to capitalize on your skills and thrive in this new world. It may seem terrifying to lose the stability of a predictable career, but actually you are lucky to be living in a time where you can thrive in a career that is uniquely yours – Something that is so perfectly suited for you. New jobs are invented every day, and more companies are allowing (some are even encouraging) their employees to create new job titles that allow both the individual and the corporation to best leverage each other.

All of this can be overwhelming so we’ll use the systems I’ve developed to make it straight-forward and simple. That doesn’t mean its easy–success takes work but it’s well worth it. To get you started, I am offering an introductory free career coaching consulting session. Let’s get talking and see what I can do for you!