Why do I need a Career Coach?

A Career Coach can be incredibly helpful to give you perspective, help you identify areas for improvement, to help you map out a path forward and to hold you accountable. Here are some common scenarios where a career coach is well worth the investment.

Feeling misunderstood or finding yourself in workplace conflicts

For some reason your current job situation isn’t working out the way you hoped. In some scenarios, companies are going through difficult times and sticking it out might be the best move. More often than not, though, your current frustrations stem from a more serious underlying problem.

“Ineffective communication is the number one cause of workplace misunderstandings that lead to stress and damaged professional relationships”

Communication in a professional environment is critical to building trust and strong working relationships with your co-workers. If you feel like you and your boss aren’t understanding each other and you’re worried that you could lose your job, adjusting how you interpret their needs and your communication style can make a world of difference.

In coaching sessions, we work together to decipher the issues you’ve come across and work on strategies on diffusing conflicts and rebuilding healthier working relationships.


Wondering how you got here and where you’re going?

You feel like your job is just not a good fit or you’re wondering how your career took this wrong turn but you feel like you need to do something with your time and your career, it’s time to get a career coach. At some point you probably just started going with the flow of your career or a friend/family member nudged you in a direction and now you feel way off course.

“We are living in the economy of redefinition.”

Lucky for you, we are living in the economy of redefinition. You have the opportunity to rebuild your career or just make a slight pivot that will get you back on track. Far too often, “job” decisions aren’t “career” decisions and you end up in a place where you’re not adding enough value to be meaningful to the company and you’re not motivated enough to want to be as engaged as you need to be successful.

First we’ll determine what you want to get from your career. Then we match what you want and what you have to offer with all potential career opportunities. Finally, we’ll map your path.

Navigating a Freelance or Contractor career path

Some careers lend themselves well to building a life as a talent for hire rather than a long-term internal hire (developers, designers, writers etc). It comes down to a lifestyle choice for yourself. In reality, most contractors end up working for the same 5 clients repeatedly meaning that instead of working to fit with one corporate culture you likely have to adjust to a few different styles. Unlike a traditional full-time employee you can avoid some office politics but you’ll still need to play nice and build relationships.

“Your two most important assets as a freelancer or contractor are your reputation and your network”

To keep getting hired, your two most important assets as a freelancer or contractor are your reputation and your network. Ironically, a lot of freelancers are introverts preferring to go to their cave and get their work done over connecting with potential new employers. Most of your employment opportunities will come from referrals so make sure to focus some of every week to making those connections strong.

Focusing on your network, marketable skills and reputation, we’ll develop an action plan for you to have consistent, predictable work. And we’ll work on contingency plans when work gets slow.


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Career Coaching is like therapy for your professional life that offers real monetary rewards. There are significant long-term rewards to getting the customized professional education you’ve been missing, and what better time to start than right now? You can read blog posts and watch videos to get some of the basic, but your situation is unique and likely requires some custom advice and skills training. That’s what I can do for you. Let’s connect for a free initial conversation and see how I can help your particular situation.