Ready to make the transition from Pro Athlete to Career Professional?

Welcome to Career GM.

I help professional athletes transition into other professional careers, so you can succeed in a new field and live a fulfilling life without the stress of starting over.

Whether you’re an Olympian or Pro Football player, you have a unique set of skills that you’ve inherently developed as a professional athlete that are incredibly valuable in the professional world.

Skills like:

  • Teamwork
  • Work ethic and dedication
  • Competition and cooperation
  • The ability to learn and adapt to new situations

That being said, for a lot of athletes it can be difficult to make the transition or even start thinking about “what’s next?” Even if you do know what you want to do next, the skills you’re missing can hold you back. Professionalism, effective communication, self-promotion & personal marketing, managing up and down, networking.

It can be daunting, but this is your opportunity to discover your personal drivers in life and explore other passions or career options. Together we’ll develop the skills you need to effectively build a career you’re just as passionate about as you were when you first started training.

This is the training you need to succeed as a professional

We work together:

  • to define what’s next for you
  • what your priorities are
  • to help you build your new set of skills to succeed
  • leverage your already well-honed skills to make you stand out
  • to plan your path forward

The skills you’ll master:

  • Effective networking – how to grow and leverage your network to build your career
  • Professional etiquette
  • Effective corporate communication
  • Resume & Interview skills
  • Strategic and tactical thinking
  • Managing a team and managing up
  • Checking in on your career path and making the right pivots
  • Presentation skills

School barely scratched the surface of what you need to know to thrive as a professional

In school you learn the techniques, the technical aspects of your chosen field. For the most part, schools want to make sure you leave with a strong understanding of the tactical responsibilities of the job you’re about to do. It helps their reputation if you leave the school and build a reputation as a competent provider of a service or task. But schools seem to forget to cover the most important of your personal fulfillment in your career – the ability to communicate effectively, build critical relationships and collaborate.

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About me: 

In your athletic career you likely had a trainer, coach, and GM helping you manage and succeed as a professional athlete. That’s what I’m here for. I have not only helped people all over the world with professional coaching and career planning, I have also successfully reinvented my professional career in a number of different industries.

Success is within reach

A little about me. In my career I have successfully redefined myself multiple times. I started my career as an independent contractor in the TV industry (quickly establishing myself with well-known brands like A&E, Martha Stewart, History Channel and WWE). Next I pivoted into Web Marketing and Development effectively working my way to Global Director of Digital Strategy (doubling my salary in less than a year). Time to try something new! Although I had been an consultant periodically, it felt time to try a more industrious form of entrepreneurship by starting a retail store. Throughout my career I have always worked as a coach and mentor, which gives me unique access to pull from my professional experiences and from those of my clients. I excel at helping people find their ideal career path, working away hazardous societal pressures and mental blocks to help you build the happy life you deserve. I’ve had the privilege of experiencing the extremes of being deep in debt and living comfortably. This makes me uniquely qualified to understand your particular frustrations, struggles and needs. I will work with you, as I have worked with many others, to make you the strategic and successful person you want to be. 

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