Andreea is a visionary, able to see/hear beyond the noise or personal nuance to unearth hidden strengths and be able to see the potential in someone.It wasn’t long ago when I felt I needed more than my own personal and professional experience to turn myself into the perfect candidate for the positions and companies to which I was applying during an intense job hunt. I needed excellent professional career advice from someone who could provide me a different perspective to be able to highlight some of the undiscovered strengths I had while still projecting assertiveness on many of my well known skills and a balanced professional image. That is what I found in Andreea from CareerGM, and the results where amazing! Not only did she help me find me a narrow and more efficient way to become the best prospect for the positions I was actually fit for, but it also changed my entire personal views on how to approach my career as a person and a product, teaching me that sometimes we need to reposition ourselves to become more appealing and visible to any hiring manager or position to eventually be on our way to a more promising career path.” – Carlos – San Diego, CA

“After working with Andreea I felt like I had grown a tremendous amount and learned a lot about how I should manage in the future. She has been an extremely influential, insightful and helpful professional.” – John – Las Vegas, NV